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Brickwork Parts II-IV

This song is by Pain Of Salvation and appears on the Soundtrack album The Second Death of Pain of Salvation (2009).

I lie awake watching your shoulders
Move so softly as you breathe
With every breath you're growing older

But that is fine if you're with me

I pledge to wake you with a smile
I pledge to hold you when you cry
I pledge to love you till I die
Till I die

The rays of dawn play on your eyelids
A sleeping beauty dressed in sun
This bed is all, this room eternal
A world persisting when we're long since gone

I will wake you with a smile
I will hold you when you cry
I will love you till I die
Till I die

This world is what we can give
Scarred from the way we lived
All those dreams we shared for you
How I wish they could come true

We dreamed of a world in peace
But killed for a life of ease
Now we leave the wounds for you
What else can the dying do?

Their ugly truth
Outnumbered by far her beautiful lie
And I closed my eyes
Were her eyes in yours already when we met?
Am I still paying debts to recover life?

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