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Call Me Back Again 2

This song is by Derek Minor and appears on the album PSA Vol. 2 (2011).

PRo ...
I really feel like this is our destiny. Like this is our year. I just left Atlanta, and I was pumping gas at the Exxon Gas Station, and I met a guy. Hmmm THE guy, I met THE guy. I met the custodian who cleans the desks for a lot of the executives at the Discovery Channel. Now he told me, that a friend of a friend of a friend, told him, that they are working on "Man vs. Wild: City Edition." Now what they're gonna do is it's gonna be like a "Man vs. Wild"/"Dog Whisperer", OK, and they're gonna make this guy travel all across the city in urban gear. And you're gonna be grabbing stray dogs, and stray cats, and sleeping on park benches. Now I told him, we gotta take it to the next level. So while you're gathering the stray dogs, and the stray cats, you're whispering in the stray dogs' and the stray cats' ears. But what are you whispering? What are you whispering? You're whispering, verses from the mixtape! You are whispering verses from the mixtape into the stray dogs' ears! How crazy is this? Are you in or are you out? Call. Me. Back. Call. Me. Back. PRo "The Dog Whisperer." We 'bout to blow up baby!

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