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PSA Vol. 1 (2009)Edit

  • Mixtape, Recorded under former stage name, PRo
PRo - PSA Vol. 1
PSA Vol. 1
  1. Intro
  2. Testify
  3. Murder
  4. Call Me Back 1
  5. Gone Tomorrow
  6. Who To Blame
  7. Yung Hate on Swag
  8. Random Thoughts (PSA Edition)
  9. Call Me Back 2
  10. Diamonds
  11. Deeper Than Rap
  12. Yung Hate is Deep
  13. Victory (I'm Alive)
  14. Living It Wrong
  15. Call Me Back 3
  16. Where Would I Be
  17. End of Messages

Redemption (2010)Edit

PRo - Redemption
  • Recorded under former stage name, PRo
  1. God
  2. Hold Me Down
  3. Clear the Air (featuring Lecrae)
  4. Know You (featuring Rick Trotter)
  5. Low
  6. Aye You
  7. In the Club (featuring Chad Jones)
  8. This Cage
  9. Merked
  10. Not Guilty
  11. Bout Dat
  12. Power to Die (featuring Brothatone)
  13. Fight Music
  14. On It (featuring Chad Jones and Canon)
  15. All I Know
  16. Depend On You (featuring Chris Davis)
  17. Slave to You
    Bonus tracks:
  18. Blow My Mind (featuring Roslyn Welch)
  19. Who I Be (featuring Canon)
  20. Murder Swag

Dying to Live (2011)Edit

PRo - Dying to Live
Dying to Live
  • Recorded under former stage name, PRo
  1. A Life Worth Dying For
  2. Mission to Mars (featuring PK)
  3. Full Court Mess (featuring KB)
  4. Get It
  5. Before I Die
  6. This Can't Be (featuring Jenny Norlin)
  7. Stronger (featuring Jai)
  8. Merked, Pt. 2
  9. Going In (featuring Lecrae and Tedashii)
  10. So Far Gone (featuring Niya)
  11. No Limits (featuring Rio)
  12. Beautiful (featuring PK)
  13. Drink from His Cup (featuring Suzy Rock)
  14. No One Greater (featuring Json and Trip Lee)
  15. Never Back Down (featuring S.O. and Thi'sl)
  16. Get Buck (featuring Chad Jones, Brothatone and Canon)

PSA Vol. 2 (2011)Edit

  • Mixtape
PRo - PSA Volume 2
PSA Vol. 2
  • Recorded under former stage name, PRo
  1. Have It All
  2. I'm On Now
  3. Get It In (featuring Suzy Rock and D-MAUB)
  4. Call Me Back Again, Pt. 1
  5. Ride (featuring Brothatone, Chad Jones and Canon)
  6. Gangsta by Brothatone
  7. In His Image (featuring Andy Mineo and Chad Jones)
  8. Can't Quit
  9. Call Me Back Again, Pt. 2
  10. The Best Ever
  11. 116 (Canon Remix) (featuring Canon)
  12. Champion Song (featuring Chris Lee Cobbins)
  13. Real Talk
  14. Call Me Back Again, Pt. 3
  15. BKC by Chad Jones
  16. All of My Life
  17. Put You On (featuring Melah, Decipha and Katalyst)
  18. Call Me Back Again, Pt. 4

PSA Vol. 3: Who Is Derek Minor (2012)Edit

  • Mixtape
PRo - PSA Vol. 3- Who Is Derek Minor
PSA Vol. 3: Who Is Derek Minor
  1. Higher
  2. Turn It Up
  3. Past the Sky
  4. Feeling Good (featuring Chad Jones and Laura Reed)
  5. Getting By (featuring Trip Lee)
  6. Call Me Back 1
  7. I'm Focused
  8. Riddle Me This
  9. In Spite of All
  10. Where Do We Go from Here (featuring ZG)
  11. Get Up
  12. Call Me Back 2
  13. Welcome to the World (featuring Tony Tillman]])
  14. Real Recognize Real (featuring Lecrae and Pettidee)
  15. Say Something (featuring R-Swift and Sho Baraka)
  16. Love
  17. Sad Condishun (featuring Dre Murray, Json, Viktory and Tedashii)
  18. Call Me Back 3
Bonus track
  1. Loud Music (featuring Canon)

Minorville (2013)Edit

Derek Minor - Minorville
  1. Lost in Minorville
  2. IGWT (In God We Trust) (featuring Thi'sl)
  3. Gimmie
  4. We Gon' Make It (featuring Canton Jones)
  5. Ready, Set, Go
  6. Hot Air Balloon (featuring Kiya Lacey)
  7. We Are (Champions) (featuring Xavier Omär)
  8. Love You Better (featuring JC)
  9. Respect That (featuring Deraj and RMG)
  10. Making Me More (featuring Mel Washington)
  11. Sweet Dreams
  12. Dear Mr. Christian (featuring Dee-1 and Lecrae)
  13. Heaven's Little Runway
  14. Homecoming (featuring Isaac Carree)
  15. Deaf (Bonus Track)

Empire (2015)Edit

Derek Minor - Empire
  1. Intro
  2. All Hail the King (featuring Deraj and nobigdyl.)
  3. Empire (featuring Traneshia "Truth" Chiles)
  4. Who You Know
  5. Babel 1
  6. Kingdom Come
  7. Slow Down (featuring Tedashii and Tony Tillman)
  8. Stranger (featuring Roz)
  9. Last Forever (featuring B.Cooper and Leah Smith)
  10. Save Me (featuring J. Paul)
  11. Babel 2
  12. Fly (featuring Colton Dixon)
  13. Oceans (featuring Move Aside)
  14. Right By My Side (featuring Anthony Evans Jr. and Chad Jones)
  15. Party People (featuring Social Club)
  16. Until the End of Time (featuring Canon and Lecrae)

Reflection (2016)Edit

Derek Minor - Reflection
  1. Look At Me Now
  2. Hold Up
  3. You Know It
  4. Until I'm Gone (featuring BJ The Chicago Kid)
  5. Things Fall Apart
  6. Believe It
  7. I'm Good (featuring Janice Gaines)
  8. Judo
  9. Love Go High (featuring Chrisette Michele)
  10. Change The World (featuring Hollyn)
  11. Live
  12. Good Enough (featuring Camille Faulkner)
  13. Real Ones
  14. Greatness 2.0

Songs on SinglesEdit

  • 116 (featuring KB) (2011)

Songs featuring Derek MinorEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Getting By

Additional information

Artist information:


Real name:

Derek Minor is a performance name for Derek Johnson, Jr..

Also known as:


Years active:


Record labels:

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