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A Perfect Day Elise

This song is by PJ Harvey and appears on the album Is This Desire (1998).

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A Perfect Day Elise
He got lucky, got lucky one time
Hitting with the girl in room five oh nine
She turned her back on him facing the frame
Said, "Listen Joe don't you come here again"

White sun scattered all over the sea
He could think of nothing but her name Elise
God is the sweat running down his back
The water soaked her blonde hair black

It's a perfect day
A perfect day, Elise

He got burned by the sun
(He's a lucky man)
His face so pale and his hands so worn
(And the sky)
Let himself in room five oh nine
(As she turned away)
Said a prayer, pulled the trigger and cried
(Tell me why)

It's a perfect day
A perfect day, Elise

Ah oh, it's a perfect day
A perfect day, Elise

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