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Domestic Silence

This song is by P.T. Grimm and appears on the album Songs To Amputate Your Face By (2000).

Ask a cripple to devour the beauty, and sour the charm. One can only expect to be
Harmed in your place, but you receive.
Study the underlying pucker disgrace. He's abusing the bounty and she suffers just in case
She's done wrong. Do you read between her lines?
See a light shining dead in your eyes, with your fingers trapped tightly, invading the
Raunch, do you smell the love nightly? Now? In the air of anti-sympathy.
We interbreed and we overfeed, indeed I feel this is not greed. Look into my eyes. Do
You see the scarlet maim?
We laugh with a reason, suffer to lack. Employing the voices of maniacs.
I made a mistake it's hard to awake... The dead, from sex.
And what we became left so much unsaid. A mirror to wed the true thoroughbred.
I made a mistake it's hard to awake... The dead, from sex.
Domestic silence for a rendezvous.
So fuck all the formalities and join my vulgar ministry.
Understand and appreciate what is right and almighty? Your god is a fag and your devil's
A pussy, so don't expect any fucking apologies.
Ponder the countless opportunity missed? My minions are plenty but I do not exist yet.
So remember this, I am all and I am priceless.

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