Ozzy Osbourne:Bark At The Moon (1983)

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Album by Ozzy Osbourne.
  1. Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
  2. Bark At The Moon
  3. You're No Different
  4. Now You See It (Now You Don't)
  5. Centre Of Eternity (see Talk page)
  6. So Tired
  7. Slow Down
  8. Waiting For Darkness
    Bonus tracks on 2002 rerelease:
  9. Spiders In The Night
  10. One Up The "B" Side


  • Ozzy Osbourne - Lead Vocals
  • Jake E. Lee - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
  • Bob Daisley - Bass Guitar
  • Don Airey - Keyboards
  • Tommy Aldridge - Drums, Percussion
  • Max Norman - Producer
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