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Execute (2001)Edit

  1. Execute
  2. No Good 4 Me (Featuring Megaman, Romeo And Lisa Maffia)
  3. Up Middle Finger
  4. Foot 2 Da Floor
  5. Don't Give A Damn (Featuring Harvey)
  6. Setting Da Pace
  7. Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)
  8. Fighting Machine (Featuring Kaish)
  9. Remy On Da Floor (Featuring Megaman)
  10. Devil's Nightmare
  11. Back 2 Da Floor
  12. Nuff Of Dem Watch Me
  13. N Digga Dee
  14. Only Wanna Know U Cos Ure Famous
  15. Check Dis (Featuring Asher D)
  16. Oxide Dubplate (Mix Version)
  17. Only Wanna Know U Cos Ure Famous (Mix Version)
  18. Don't Give A Damn (Featuring Harvey) (Mix Version)
  19. Setting Da Pace (Mix Version)
  20. Oh No (Remix) (Mix Version)
  21. Nuff Of Dem Watch Me (Mix Version)
  22. Lifestyle (Mix Version)
  23. Remy On Da Floor (Featuring Megaman) (Mix Version)
  24. Foot 2 Da Floor (Mix Version)
  25. Up Middle Finger (Mix Version)
  26. Back 2 Da Floor (Mix Version)

2nd Chance (2007)Edit

2nd Chance
2nd Chance
  1. 2nd Chance
  2. What Are You
  3. Brick In The Wall
  4. Here We Go
  5. Welcome To London
  6. String Skip
  7. Maze Of Thoughts
  8. Best Days
  9. Turn It Up
  10. Horn Hunter
  11. Indorphins
  12. Walk In The Dark Side
  13. Crying
  14. 3 Short Stories
  15. Special & Beautiful

Other SongsEdit

  1. 21 Seconds
  2. Dem Girls
  3. Devil's Nighmare
  4. Dilemma
  5. Rap Dis
  6. Stan
  7. They Think It's Easy
  8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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