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Fire In The Sky

This song is by Outerspace and appears on the album Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: Outerspace (2004).

[The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)]
Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is Drew Pearson.
We bring you this special radio-television broadcast
in order to give you the very latest information
on an amazing phenomenon.
Government and Defense Department officials are concerned by reports
of panic in several large Eastern cities.

It's a national emergency
Broadcasted urgently
they already on Mercury
And they currently
Have control of your currency
Everbody grab your rosaries, it's planned perfectly
Send off your loved ones cuz when the Armageddon come no gat can overcome so run,
it's redrum
They said some members of their squadron stunned
The whole planet and claimed Earth to be the last one
They got scanners, hidden cameras, watching the well-mannered
Heat seeking missiles from other worlds to burn banners
Rockets, landmines burst, be aware they cursed your mental (?)
Taking (?) and then the Universe, they bring the worst
Conditions for your standard of living
In a suicide position no time for split decision
No discussion alien reconstruction to conquer seven continents
Be alert, they coming
Busting through the atmos-phere they all the baddest
Tear, they rule the stratas, taking over the atlas
Fuck your status, cuz they no longer exist
Close your eyes, blow the candles, and make your deathwish

[The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)]
We interrupt this program, to give you a bulletin
Just recieved from one of our naval units at sea.
A large object travelling at supersonic speed
Is headed over the North-Atlantic
Towards the East Coast of the United States.

There's a fire in the sky that you can't put out
We 'bout to put you out of your misery, no doubt
Can't you get a (?), better take another route
We coming in all directions, North East West South
You can't figure it out, all you see is the past tense
You lose your adrenaline, prepare for your last breath
We got you trapped ? yet
You'll be the first in line to let (?) your chest
You say you (?) then better shoot warheads
There's a plan coming ahead that ? more dead
It's like a never ending dream, better pray before bed
Baptising your kids putting chips in they foreheads
We go fast - That's right(?) we blast them with rocket launchers
Scary outerstate - outerspace, divide and conquer
Computers monitor every kilometer - we watching you
(?) if you make the wrong move - you know we got ya
You call the coppers - we shut down they helicopters
We disconnected the phonelines - ain't no way you can lock us
And you can't stop us - avoid (?) cuz it'll (?)
You should've listened to your kids when they told you they seen monsters
There ain't no doctors so every scar's permanent
People raise the white flag it don't matter we burning it
The world - We turning it, f-speed so murderous
You can't hold your ground pound for pound - we merciless
(?) the guidelines we attacking all mankind
Just make the capital (?) - Surrounded by landmines
Ey yo let's make it the last time we blast mines - Fuck half-time
Game over it's all (?) a legal alien pastime
Ey yo you picked a bad time to try to pull out your guns
And you stunned looking at the sky you blinded by the Sun
You life is done thereforth(?) there is (?) the final countdown
5, 4, 3, 2, 1

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