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Life Or Something Like It

This song is by Outasight.

I think my timing right
They saying it's important that I live up to the hype
I don't give in to the fame or fall into a vice
So lemme shine a light on who is Outasight
Used to hop up on the train with nothing really doing
This path that I'm pursuing, well I didn't really chose it
It actually chose me but easily confusing
And I made some mistakes but to error is human
Wake up in the morning and all alone
Every single night somewhere unknown
Been around the world but can't find home
You don't know what you got oh till it's gone
When you watch the clock, those days get long
Wish I could help but you're on your own, you don't know

What you wanting, what you getting are two different things most of the time
What you ask for, what you needing, hope you getting yours 'cause I'm getting mine
It's life or something like it, it's life or something like it

I think my timing right
Pursuing what I'm doing, not losing sleep at night
Maybe there's some trouble when you get out of the huddle
And no one is behind you 'cause they never really loved you
Not gonna raise my voice or even start a scuffle
Under pressure I don't buckle, just belt songs so what up?
With your mumbling and grumbling, I'd hate to be a fuck up
And I played my cards right and it don't seem like my luck up
Yet wake up in the morning on the wrong side of bed
Bunch of missed calls, inbox at the brim
One day the future bright, the next it feels dim
You don't know what you got oh till it's gone
Three hours sleep but I party till dawn
Hit the snooze a couple times, kill the alarm, you don't know

From the moment you're here to the moment you're gone
Every second in between to making things right
Or they're going all wrong, it's all how it's perceived
It's life or something like it, see, it's life or something like it


Written by:

James Patterson; Benjamin Ruttner; Richard Andrew

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