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The Warning

This song is by Out Out and appears on the album Finched (1992) and on the album The Rattle Of The Cavity (2007).

Signal goes up
Alert flares are lit
The sirens and lights
No silence tonight
We've readied the men
All set to defend
All ready to fight
No silence tonight

Cycles and systems
Rhythms and patterns
No actions irrelevant
Deposited and worthless
I've extracted data
No finding consistent
To actions irrelevant
Deposited and worthless

All systems are on
Full loaded and armed
The broadcast begins
No silence can win
One nation's distrust
No planets unite
We're told when to go
No silence tonight

Defensive attack
No victim can fight
No room left for doubt
No silence tonight
No time left to waste
All energy spent
Defenses are down
All silence tonight

All for none and none for all


Written by:

Mark Alan Miller

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