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In Threes

This song is by Out Out and appears on the album Finched (1992) and on the double CD 1989-1999: "Hasten The Burning... With The Breath Of Fools" (2005).

They say some things come in threes
Something came up, I fell asleep
My hands are numb, can't feel my feet
They say thsese things I can't believe

Then what comes next, what happens now?
I won't stand up for falling down
Can't hear my voice, can't hardly speak
Like some misfortunate disease

From force of will or force of habit
It's not too clear to me

For drinking the water
For watching T.V.
For eating the breakfast
For brushing the teeth
For talking in public
For making the tea
For reading the paper
Means nothing to me

I don't know


Written by:

Mark Alan Miller

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