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This song is by Out Out and appears on the album Finched (1992) and on the double CD 1989-1999: "Hasten The Burning... With The Breath Of Fools" (2005).

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Thousand days waiting and here it comes
Four hundred hours' work for a second of fun
The rattle of the cavity, the sound for the ears
Shakes and throws around the world for millions of years

Feel my might

Petrol's been hijacked, made good for the word
Streamlined operation, the subject of good
Discourse is conventional, so splitting the mold
The pattern's seeming obvious, the premise unfolds

Stripped and bone naked, the eating cold
Fortune for lovers' lies, blind soul
Cast among the garbage, shoulder soil
A world of young peasants' never-ending toil

Leave the petty beggars to their own end
Blistered and corroded for dividends
Hasten the burning with the breath of fools
Left to fighting stinging stench, corrupted rule

Written by:

Mark Alan Miller

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