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She got it right
She found her way through lies
A kiss on the neck
Is a kiss worth angels' blessings
Held high the rules
Passed them by the eyes of fools
Whispered in the ears
Twisted words worth evil's biddings

She weaves divine
Money lies behind her eyes
Catch all she can
Wrapped up in a bed of netting
Fish in the air
Tossed about without a care
Choke on the pull
Like a fish, the strangled breathing

Duchess, you love us
You hate us, you crave us
Deceive us and leave us
Forget that you need us
You tear at the lining
And double the timing
You quell all the craving
To save you from aching

She holds the soul
The very thing like something sold
Leapt from the jaw
With the teeth of apple biting
She knows her want
Not held back, it's right in front
All selfish love
And for this she'll stop at nothing

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