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Lovin' the Day (1994)Edit

Out Of Eden - Lovin' The Day
Lovin' the Day
  1. Lovely Day
  2. Come & Take My Hand
  3. Show Me
  4. 3 Bro's W / No Fro's (Interlude)
  5. Good Thing
  6. Gotee's Groovin'
  7. Bandwagon
  8. There Is a Love
  9. Joy (Interlude)
  10. Heart of Hearts
  11. A Friend
  12. Force Like This
  13. Lovely Vibe (Interlude)
  14. Gotee's Groovin' (Drumapella)

More Than You Know (1996)Edit

Out Of Eden - More Than You Know
More Than You Know
  1. More Than You Know
  2. Greater Love
  3. It's Me
  4. Good Time
  5. You Brought the Sunshine
  6. Get It Right
  7. Giving My All
  8. Confused
  9. Get to Heaven
  10. Can't Let Go
  11. Then and Only Then

No Turning Back (1998)Edit

Out Of Eden - No Turning Back
No Turning Back
  1. Lookin' for Love
  2. River
  3. Spirit Moves
  4. Here's My Heart
  5. Window
  6. If You Really Knew
  7. Tomorrow
  8. Open Up Your Heart
  9. Draw You Near
  10. No Turning Back
  11. Sarah Jane

This Is Your Life (2002)Edit

Out Of Eden - This Is Your Life
This Is Your Life
  1. Different Now
  2. Day Like Today
  3. Paradise
  4. Meditate
  5. Now I Sing
  6. Showpiece
  7. All You Need
  8. Praise You
  9. Rolling Stone
  10. This Is Your Life
  11. I Am the One
  12. Reprise (All You Need)

Love, Peace & Happiness (2004)Edit

Out Of Eden - Love, Peace & Happiness
Love, Peace & Happiness
  1. Make Way
  2. Just the Way
  3. Love, Peace & Happiness
  4. Soldiers
  5. I Know
  6. It's You
  7. Shoulda' Listened
  8. Could've Been Me
  9. Drama Free
  10. Tennessee Girls (Interlude)
  11. Secret
  12. Sincerely

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Be Still My Soul
  2. Better Is One Day
  3. Come And Take My Hand
  4. Do You Hear What I Hear?
  5. Fairest Lord Jesus
  6. Have Mercy
  7. Love
  8. When I'm Gone
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