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​Ecstasy And Danger

This song is by Ostrogoth and appears on the album Ecstasy And Danger (1984).

Evening's fallin', soon the sun goes down.
Hell religion's sacrifying a child.
I'm afraid for the light (but I see)

Ecstasy and danger, fire, blood and sulfur!

Dripping veins and a scratched life still no hunger.
Screams of evil, neon flash and thunder.

Lightning's striking, I feel Satan's size,
With a scream of destruction
And wild sensation.
Now we're shouting out:

Ecstasy and danger, practicing your anger.
Don't be afraid of the night
Don't be afraid of the night

But it's hard to realize
The things that must be wrong.
This screamin' evil burns my brains.
And a bursting head is going to disappear

Morning comes, the crimes we made are strange now.
Blood's away and darkness gone.
I'm afraid for the light (but I'm free)

Ecstasy and danger, mystic fog and hell burns.
Fire, blood and sulfur, practicing your anger.
Ecstasy and danger...