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Album by Oscar Brand.
  1. Free Elections
  2. Follow Washington (George Washington)
  3. Adams and Liberty (John Adams)
  4. For Jefferson and Liberty (Thomas Jefferson)
  5. Huzzah for Madison, Huzzah (James Madison)
  6. Monroe is the Man (James Monroe)
  7. Little Know Ye Who's Coming (John Quincy Adams)
  8. Jackson and Kentucky (Andrew Jackson)
  9. Rockabye, Baby (Martin Van Buren)
  10. The Harrison Yankee Doodle (William Henry Harrison)
  11. Tippacanoe and Tyler, Too (John Tyler)
  12. Jimmy Polk of Tennessee (James Polk)
  13. Rumadum Dum (Zachary Taylor)
  14. The Union Wagon (Millard Fillmore)
  15. Pierce and King (Franklin Pierce)
  16. Buchanan and John Breckenridge (James Buchanan)
  17. Lincoln and Liberty (Abraham Lincoln)
  18. Just Before Election, Andy (Andrew Johnson)
  19. Grant, Grant, Grant (Ulysses S. Grant)
  20. For Hayes and Wheeler, Too (Rutherford B. Hayes)
  21. If the Johnnies Get Into Power Again (James A. Garfield)
  22. Democrats, Good Democrats (Grover Cleveland)
  23. He's All Right (Benjamin Harrison)
  24. Marching with McKinley (William McKinley)
  25. Roosevelt the Cry (Theodore Roosevelt)
  26. Get on a Raft with Taft (William H. Taft)
  27. Wilson, That's All (Woodrow Wilson)
  28. Harding, You're the Man for Us (Warren Harding)
  29. Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge (Calvin Coolidge)
  30. If He's Good Enough for Lindy (Herbert Hoover)
  31. Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again (Franklin Delano Roosevel t)
  32. I'm Just Wild About Harry (Harry S. Truman)
  33. I Like Ike (Dwight Eisenhower)
  34. Marching Down to Washington (John Kennedy)
  35. Hello, Lyndon (Lyndon Johnson)
  36. Buckle Down with Nixon (Richard Nixon)
  37. I'm Feeling Good About America (Gerald Ford)
  38. Why Not the Best? (Jimmy Carter)
  39. California, Here We Come (Ronald Reagan)
  40. This Land is Your Land (George Bush)
  41. Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow (William Clinton)
  42. The Same Merry Go-Round
  43. Song of the Presidents

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