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Killer-Byte Blues

This song is by Orrin Star and appears on the compilation Vince Emery Presents the Funniest Computer Songs (1989).

You know, I hated math in high school
Thought typing was for the birds
But when the Silicon Valley exploded
It was the shot heard round the world
Of my new disk drive
And a whole new attitude
Now the only time I'm sad's when
I get those Killer-Byte Blues

I was cruisin' on the bulletin boards
One fine afternoon
I met a hot little gal
Said "Would you boot up with me soon?"
She flashed her cursor
I flashed mine
And the rest, as they say, is data
We had a grand old time

And I put it to her straight, I said:
I'll format your disk
I'll input your files
I'll plug in my modem
And autodial you in style
'Cause when I'm online with you baby
There's no way we can lo-ose
But the only time I'm sad's when
I get them killer-byte blues

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