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Last Stand-Last Stand

This song is by Orion's Reign.

Darkened skies upon us
Fury of the outer space
Swarms of alien insects
Soon we'll be attacked

People screaming in fear
Nowhere they can run
Hope is lost in their eyes
Countdown has begun

And where the need is dire
The space knights land
Their guns and heavy armour
Their stout hearts

Men who lived with honour
In steel clad
Hearts beat again when
Knights organize the last stand

The swarm of the aliens
Fights with frenzied hate
Guns blaze as red talons
Rip their trembling flesh

Men, guns and their foul foes
Fight with all they have
Embracing each other
In a crimson grave

But then the glory of the emperor shines in the sky
His armada appears from the red flaming clouds
Plasma cannons scorch aliens in beams of light
And the knights of the empire rush into attack

Chainswords grind and guns fire at the unyielding foe
And the tide is rising of battle and blood
Naked souls full of fury close in on the beasts
And they serve their good name by dispatching them all

Victory is now complete for the empire's flag
We survived and defeated the swarm of our death
Long shall it be remembered, our furious last stand
And remind us that unity is our one strength

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