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This song is by Orgy Complex.

(N. Downey/S. Walker/S.P. Walker/D. Phillips)


You can roll it you can pat it
You can put it in your oven
When it rises, it's a habit
Gotta give you some hot lovin'

Let's get ya chokin' on what I'm hopin' on
I promise you'll love it
If you'd like a taste
Don't you waste
Just 'cause it's rough doesn't mean it's a race

You've got the ingredients
To whip me into obedience


It's a lot
To take in
But honey you are the one
That I got my heart set on
(Only You)
Yes it's true
That you're not
The first person to make me feel this way
But baby you take the cake

You should let me put my Charlie
In your chocolate factory
I'll give you layers upon layers
Of my creamy ecstasy

With your lady fingers 'round my stinger
Beat that shit like crazy
Like a measuring cup
Fill you up
Tear me up, it's so amazing

You've got the experience
To drive me fuckin' delirious

You can sift my flour while I grease your pan
My frosting's got power, so let me slam
Your mouth and down south, baby that's the plan
I'll bake you for hours, if you think you can stand--WHA?!