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This song is by Organized Chaos and appears on the album Inner Conflict (2011).

All the things that I've become are driven from it's confluence
Wondering what would be if it had been
The question is, should we answer?
After separation, a part of me is absent with no hope of reuniting.
A slight moment is enough to remember, to forget, a life time
Still, I'm smiling and I'm trying to forget but,
Every night the dream is the same

The body is trembling
The thoughts are too weak to realize,
What happened

A lonely white soul was watching around and found
A dark spring
Looking into it, as far as the eye can see
The sameness in different

And the light is spreading all over the body
It fulfils the white pores
The blood is warming up

As the thoughts begin to burn
In that game of shadows
Black and white are stirred up
Making grey
Now the different is becoming the same
Different is now grey

Oh, how I fell you now
I'm keeping you inside, so alive
Keeping us grey