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This song is by Organized Chaos and appears on the album Inner Conflict (2011).

I'm the pouring rain
Washing your sins away
A Shepherd to keep you all together
I am a star to guide you in the gloomiest night
A fire to keep you warm with in, so
Listen to my words

I'm the grinding machine
A wheel turning around your futile needs
With no compromise, there is no control, there is no restrictions,
I take I take I take I take I take
In this city shining with sin
Why should I stop, just remove the obstacle

So gimme, gimme, gimme more
To give them, give them, give them more
More applause, more awards
More drugs, clean whores
A new war, Better bombs
Faster cars, Bigger tombs
A new modern world!
What shall I do to fill this void inside, that we call Life?