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Too Late For Innocence Too Late For Regret (Four Hands Please Better Than Two)

This song is by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and appears on the album O N A N I (Practice Makes Perfect) (2009).

Wakened by movement and the rise of another morning
Beside me slumber the semi-naked bodies of two sleeping beauties
Laced garment hang carefully from the bedpost;
Posing as an intimate reminder of yesterday's passion
Still in heels carefully strapped to delicate ankles
A pair of shiny black boots lay scattered on the floor next to the bed
Two pairs of naked legs embodied in black silk;
Gently extend from the underneath the sheets of the unmade bed
Blond hairs veil the pillow and the naked stomach resting beside me
Between lover's entangled bodies we are forever linked;
Unified through the intimate doings of yesterday's passion
Entwined lovers peacefully sleep in the shelter of each others arms

Too late for innocence, too late for regret
Too late for innocence, too late for goodbyes
Too late for innocence, too late for denials

As we touched as we felt as we taste each other;
We surrendered to the pleasures of everlasting depravity
Through lust kisses and caress we gave ourselves each other
Carnal rapture unveiling th very soul of trinity
As we please accepted and satisfied;
We surrendered to the becoming of our most intimate selves

Exhausted and fulfilled realized and unified
Realizing the desires of uncovered fantasies
Resting in the naked remains of the night before
Lover's lasting symbols disguise our sore and satiated skins
All over me all over them all over us
We sleep in the pleasures of the past dreaming of arousal yet to come

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