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Forgive Me I Am Not Satan I Am Mary Just Like You

This song is by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and appears on the album O N A N I (Practice Makes Perfect) (2009).

I am not god, but I am closer than you
To devildom and martyrdom, to a fraction of truth
I am not fallen, but my wings are detached
Like lucifer, like seraphim I will come back

I am not Jesus; I am mary just like you
In tyranny, and misery, I'm a victim of you
I am not Satan; he is my brother to be
In liberty and treachery, and all that you see

From the ashes where we fall, we shall rise again
The great kings have fallen, but we find ourselves again
The apples are eaten, but the moonshine still remains
We are the flaming roses, in the new jerusalem

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