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Among what seemed like falling flower petals
it was like some kind of dream, i met you out of a miracle
we had love, we had fights, and all the obstacles we overcame together
if what we had can be reborn, with you by my side, we'd become flowers

Will it be there forever?
the sun just above my head
that look of yours, teared, smiling, or angered
will I be able to protect it no matter what?
should everything disappear one day
we should be more grateful that we had the chance to meet
the miracle on that day, that time, that place
will once again give birth to a new path

Our love, making it stronger
our belief that we could weather the storm
the things you supposedly left behind are still in my heart
see, it's still sparkling it hasn't gone anywhere
thinking of the happiness, the day we came across one another
the times you made me smile again
"thank you" overflowing with emotion we embrace,
keep on going your way

Among what looked like falling flower petals
it was like a dream, a miracle when I met you
we loved, we fought, all the struggles we overcame
even if it will be reborn, I still badly want to see you again

The look of flower petals scattering
let's accept everything this world gives us
the things you left for me
the treasure that is the here and now
so I'll give it all I've got and live on, we'll become flowers together

why is it that flower's wither?
why is it that birds can fly?
why does the wind blow?
why does the moon glow its glow?

why am I here?
why are you here?
why did we meet by chance?
we met because it was our fate

Among what looks like scattering flower petals
just like a dream, we met, it was a miracle
we loved, we fought, we overcame so many struggles together
even though it'll be reborn, I still want to meet you again so bad
the look of scattering flower petals
we will accept everything this world gives
the things you left behind for me
the treasure I call the present
that's why I am going to give my all and live, let's become flowers

After the rain, the rainbow, the wind that blows through the fresh greenery and the
new light being born
the unshakable precious things that you hold dear now
realizing what it means to "love", you can still keep walking right?
now you can already see, our "thoughts" will exceed time
and resound for eternity
take your happiness, your pain, everything and blossom into full glory
further, further and even further