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Frequencies from Planet Ten (1997)Edit

Orange Goblin - Frequencies From Planet Ten

Frequencies from Planet Ten (1997)

  1. The Astral Project
  2. Magic Carpet
  3. Saruman's Wish
  4. Song Of The Purple Mushroom Fish
  5. Aquatic Fanatic
  6. Lothlorian
  7. Land Of Secret Dreams
  8. Orange Goblin
  9. Star Shaped Cloud
  10. Nuclear Guru (only on Japanese version and 2CD reissue)
  11. Hand of Doom (cover of "Hand of Doom" by Black Sabbath) (only on Japanese version and 2CD reissue)

Time Travelling Blues (1998)Edit

Orange Goblin - Time Travelling Blues

Time Travelling Blues (1998)

  1. Blue Snow
  2. Solarisphere
  3. Shine
  4. The Man Who Invented Time
  5. Diesel (Phunt)
  6. Snail Hook
  7. Nuclear Guru
  8. Lunarville 7, Airlock 3
  9. Time Travelling Blues

The Big Black (2000)Edit

Orange Goblin - The Big Black

The Big Black (2000)

  1. Scorpionica
  2. Quincy The Pigboy
  3. Hot Magic, Red Planet
  4. Cozmo Bozo
  5. 298 Kg
  6. Turbo Effalunt (Elephant)
  7. King Of The Hornets
  8. You'll Never Get To The Moon In That
  9. Alcofuel
  10. The Big Black

Coup de Grace (2002)Edit

Orange Goblin - Coup De Grace

Coup de Grace (2002)

  1. Your World Will Hate This
  2. Monkey Panic
  3. Rage Of Angels
  4. Made Of Rats
  5. Whiskey Leech
  6. Getting High On The Bad Times
  7. Graviton
  8. Red Web
  9. Born With Big Hands
  10. Jesus Beater (title frequently censored as Wife Beater)
  11. We Bite (cover of "We Bite" by Misfits)
  12. Stinkin' O' Gin
  13. Bad Blues (hidden bonus track on USA & Japan editions only)

Thieving from the House of God (2004)Edit

Orange Goblin - Thieving from the House of God

Thieving from the House of God (2004)

  1. Some You Win, Some You Lose
  2. One Room, One Axe, One Outcome
  3. Hard Luck
  4. Black Egg
  5. You're Not The One (Who can save Rock n' Roll)
  6. If It Ain't Broke, Break It
  7. Lazy Mary
  8. Round Up The Horses
  9. Tosh Lines
  10. Just Got Paid
  11. Crown Of Locusts
  12. White Night Cyanide

Healing Through Fire (2007)Edit

Orange Goblin - Healing Through Fire

Healing Through Fire (2007)

  1. The Ballad of Solomon Eagle
  2. Vagrant Stomp
  3. The Ale House Braves
  4. Cities Of Frost
  5. Hot Knives And Open Sores
  6. Hounds Ditch
  7. Mortlake (Dead Water)
  8. They Come Back (Harvest Of Skulls)
  9. Beginners Guide To Suicide

A Eulogy for the Damned (2012)Edit

Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Damned

A Eulogy for the Damned (2012)

  1. Red Tide Rising
  2. Stand For Something
  3. Acid Trial
  4. The Filthy & The Few
  5. Save Me From Myself
  6. The Fog
  7. Return To Mars
  8. Death Of Aquarius
  9. The Bishops Wolf
  10. A Eulogy For The Damned

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