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In Love with a Dream (2000)Edit

Orange Blue - In Love with a Dream
In Love with a Dream
  1. I Swallowed the Moon
  2. When Julie Says
  3. She's Got that Light
  4. Is There Anyone
  5. Morocco
  6. Telephone Call to N.Y.C. (part 1)
  7. In Love with a Dream
  8. You Are The One
  9. Theme From If You Believe
  10. If You Believe
  11. Telephone Call To N.Y.C. (part 2)
  12. Sometimes
  13. Kind of Deliverance
  14. Emma
  15. Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am (Acoustic Version)
  16. Bottom of a Red Vine Bottle
  17. The Voice of my Blood
  18. Guilty

Songs of Liberty (2001)Edit

Orange Blue - Songs Of Liberty
Songs of Liberty
  1. Around The World Within A Day
  2. The Lowest Point on Earth
  3. The Sun on your Face
  4. Theme From "SOL"
  5. S.O.L. Song Of Liberty
  6. Million Years of Rain
  7. I Can't Go on Like That
  8. Lena
  9. The Saturn Plain
  10. A Little Bit Insane
  11. Who I Am
  12. Dance on a Waterfall
  13. Do You Mind If I Call You a Rainbow
  14. Made For Today
  15. Heaven Was Her Name
  16. These Things
  17. A Charming Introduction to an Intercourse
  18. The Smile
  19. All The Lyrics are Dead
  20. Powered By Emotion

Phanta Rhei (2004)Edit

Orange Blue - Phanta Rhei
Phanta Rhei
  1. Doug's Intro
  2. Is This the Point
  3. But I Do
  4. Caught In Silence
  5. Heaven Knows (I've Changed)
  6. Everywhere In my Head
  7. When You Love Someone
  8. Here And Now
  9. Your Way
  10. I've Foreseen This Day
  11. Tell Me Why
  12. Always On My Mind
  13. Carelessly
  14. Tomorrow Is Today

Forever - Best Of (2006)Edit

  1. Forever (Radio Edit)
  2. Sometimes
  3. She's Got That Light (Orange Mix)
  4. The Lowest Point On Earth
  5. Heaven Was Her Name
  6. Dance On a Waterfall
  7. Can Somebody Tell me Who I AM (Instrumental)
  8. SOL (Song Of Liberty)
  9. When Julie Says (Radio Edit)
  10. Guilty
  11. Lena
  12. The Sun on Your Face
  13. Bottom Of a Red Win Bottle (Interlude)

Superstar (2007)Edit

  1. It's My Life
  2. You're All I need
  3. Superstar
  4. She's With Me
  5. Amelie
  6. Love & Fear
  7. All That Matters
  8. I Am Not Afraid
  9. Here Again
  10. So Beautiful
  11. My Home
  12. If You Love Me
  13. Lost

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A Million Teardrops
  2. Around The World In A Day
  3. Book Without Words
  4. Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am
  5. Forever
  6. Gotta Be
  7. Love And Fear
  8. S.O.L. (Song Of Liberty)
  9. The Smile
  10. Who Am I?
  11. Who Am I
  12. You Took Me There