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Hey, Please

This song is by Orange And Lemons and appears on the album Love In The Land Of Rubber Shoes And Dirty Ice Cream (2003).

Hey, please let me in
I've been standing here all night
Mosquitoes bite between my eyes
Please, open your door
I hate to see that all my friends
Are laughing at the way
You treated me
Woh, yeah, yeah, yeah

It's been a long, long time
And you're still in my mind
I've never felt of it this way
My head is filled with things to say
Tell me now will you give me a chance
I'm going crazy for you babe
Whatever comes along I'll think of you
Woh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Shame, you're playing so tough
It's hard for you to understand
Why don't you just give me a chance
Please, take me in
We'll never know until we try
We might end up with feelings that's for real
Woh, yeah, yeah, yeah

All my life I kept on searching for someone
But your thoughts keep flowing back to me, oh
Staying unmindful of the strong winds
That's forcing me to stay away from you

But still standing here you see
I'm patiently waiting for the sun
I wish I could get near you, oh, oh
You know that I've been
Patiently waiting for the sun
I wish I could get near you
Feel you, see you
Hear you say you're mine

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