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This song is by Optimus Rhyme.

(Female dispatcher: your transmission was broken, how many occupants?)

The Far East conference committed their most competent
To this continent North West displaying Dominance
On this parchment I'll spark this puzzling paragraph
Half of you will be like "What" the other half will laugh
I talk trash make you clap and run fast
Whack rappers are scared of all the jokes I crack
Dan rather can't blabber another news cast
Without thinking that I'm the one that sent the anthrax
Some drop science while I'm dropping Broken English
Linguistics I'm on your girl's lips like beige lipstick
Now dig this you fuck with Optimus you're fucking with
A whole family of Seattle based lyricists
MC's with the same ideas
About to set it off dropping hip hop in its ear
Effecting industry trends with a ball point pen
Some loose leaf and some ideas of where to begin

(This part of the song is an excerpt from the song "Compiler")

Just step the fuck back
Step the fuck back and praise fate that I'm breathin'
I feel like I'm leavin' my own body every time I go to sleep
I wish one time that it would happen
That I could leave my flesh behind and creep quietly through the street
Its anonymity embodied as I float beneath the moon
I stand stark naked in the desert, New Mexico, soon
I flash back to World War II
Yo, while I remember, made you shop for my tux
Sucks, lettuce fucked me up too much, you said, "Don't worry"
I hover over blurry snapshots of my life
It's like memories brrrrrrrrrrr tattooed internal organs
We're animals, cursed with philosophic minds
Flesh with urges, behind heavy curtains
It's been too long I snuggled up shivering till dawn
I drink rasberry beer from a jar when I was happy, float on
I don't wanna forget, we gotta glide
It gets kinda heavy, wanna rise...