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This song is by Optimus Rhyme.

I used to be a human being till I totaled the flesh
Bless the gun metal gray lay organix to rest
Less then an actual man of hurtin' absurd
The addition of electrical current will close the curtain
Replace the A negative with 10-30 weight
Synthetic is less filling tastes great
My cranial head plate contains gyros and diodes
Back of my neck; identifying bar code
Cold steel replaces skin and bone
Pacific Time zone metallic silver here's a skin tone
My new home is a studio on Cybertron
My peeps are the Autobeat poets fuck the whackacons
I got a style that you ain't got
Take detergent, a gallon of gas and some hip hop
Throw in some venomous feelings add pop
And light a match
Wait a minute, man d-don't do that!
Just watch

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