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No Memory

This song is by Optimus Rhyme.

Hey yo, I got a lot of ex best friends
Got a lot of people that I care about that be gone with the wind
When that luggage is lost I just leave it
I'll never check the bag carry one back pack stow it in the over head
If my plane goes down and then I'm dead
Let my baggage mix with the body parts and don't retrieve it
But if we land and then I step up in the aisle
I'll take my bag down put it on my back and smile
'Cause I handle the wait I savor chaos
Ain't no security gate or X-ray
That could analyze, penetrate, break down my layers
I'm coated in lead complicated like Eraserhead
Facing situations with patience but not complacence
Slowly creep ahead start back at East Lake
Walk in my bedroom crack the bag contemplate the contents
And oh shirt man that's my dead goldfish

(Music fades to Japanese dialogue)

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