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Somnolent Despondency

This song is by Ophis and appears on the album Abhorrence In Opulence (2014).

Soothed and serene
From life comes apathy
Even blood flows in reverse
Blessed sleep be my hearse

My weary eyes behold
The tragedy of life unfold

Contempt, filth, slime, flesh
Bones, blood, cancer
Blade, noose, pill, gas
Rats, worms, sheep, vermin
All in the turmoil
Semantics of nothingness
Carved in stone forever
Circles spiral as we suffer

Silence, bemourn the noise of the dead
Herald the scorn and despair
Silence, bemourn the wuthering construction
The remnants of what lies corrupted

In my separation
I find contemplation
Spit forth the carrion
Withered flesh in tongue and mouth
Verbal constipation
Urges venesection

I heed my depravity
It is my destiny
For this is the curse
To be happy is worse

Afflicti pro peccatis nostris
Quotidie cum lacrimis
Epectemus finem nostrum

Carved in stone forever
Circles spiral as we suffer

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