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Sadface Penance Raps

This song is by Open Mike Eagle and appears on the album Dark Comedy (2014).

Shout to the Jesuses
Nail me to the couch, say ouch for the hedonists
Alcohol in the cuts, have to let it burn
I watch bad movies cause that's what I deserve
Thumbtack in my shoe really really tiny
Whenever I forget to feel sad it reminds me
Sad, it's all alone, DMX song
And train for the pain so the chain keeps my neck strong
My bones mad brittle
Lips stay quivering to hold back spittle
Keep getting tattoos of old black riddles cause "nobody knows"
All good feels are mirages
So don't waste your money on weed or massages
Nah, I'm in the hood hearing sirens
And the beat tried to make me feel good but it's lying
So I stood in defiance
I'm only in it for the pain and the truth is you're lonely and ashamed
And lonely, and ashamed and lonely, and sad

No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful
Everybody di-

See that's exactly what the fuck I'm talking about
It's bullshit
(I don't know what's happening dude
I'm gonna try to fix it, just chill out, alright?)
Everything happens to me!

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