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Sweet and Tender, Julian

This song is by Onsind and appears on the album Anaesthesiology (2013).

We were promised the best years of our lives
But all we got was name-calling and fights
Because narrow minded fools
Run comprehensive schools

Jules was one of the chosen few
Whose charisma and charm seemed to carry him through
And when he turned his eye on you
Well there was not much you could do

'Cause he was pissing about
While they were passing out their rules
Again and again and again
But his punishment was overdue

Julian Stokes, used to tell jokes
Spent all his time trying to make us laugh
It was all fine, till he crossed the line
When he took the piss out of Chelsea's dad

She planned her sweet revenge for weeks
And when it came off it was class
Julian Stokes, sobbing and soaked
Walked home alone from the formal dance

Chelsea's dad was on remand for assault with intent
Near the taxi-stand, and each trip to visit him
Seemed to take a little longer than the last

Jules was just too cool to care
He would bring up stuff that others wouldn't dare
And he soon learned the price of making light
Of someone else's plight

When nostalgia grips me
It hits me in the face
Again and again and again
That school was such an awful place

Julian Stokes, he used to tell jokes
But not anymore

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