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Pokémon City Limits

This song is by Onsind and appears on the album Anaesthesiology (2013).

Chelsea's only memory of meeting her grandfather
Was Christmas '91 at a pub in Denby Dale
Going through the motions of an early family trip
Distracted by her Game Boy chewing on her bottom lip

She couldn't comprehend the nature of their stay
And in his youth he'd been formidable
But the sickness left him skeletal and frail

As the grown-ups buried hatchets
And did their best to make their peace
Chelsea was oblivious, blissfully at ease
Until the old man started ranting about LaMont and Hesseltine

And as the fire in his belly rose
It captured her attention for the first and only time
And he looked at her, and he gave her some advice
And it stuck with her, it was simple and precise

He told her "Never trust a tory
They'll betray you when it matters
They will scramble to the top
And then they'll kick away the ladder, hinny
Never trust a tory, or a tory in disguise
You can see it when you look them in the eye"

It's been over twenty years since they put him in the ground
He died on Christmas day and looking back it's really quite profound
How those words have stuck with her, how they've influenced her life
How they trace a track of lineage; a genealogy implied
And she knows it's kind of cynical and tribal to think along those lines
But time and time again she's seen the old fella proven right

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