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This song is by Onsind and appears on the EP Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice (2012).

I never thought I'd write a love song for a cop
But then produced the antidote
To feelings that I never longed to stop
Two hearts beating, a roadside execution
Let's start at the top

One half smoked cigar, a stolen Tan Ciera car
I've lost my will to lose my will again
Now Margie you're my only friend
I know it gets hard but spare a thought for Jerry Lundegaard
That pleasant day, his planning fell apart

There's more to life than money
It's corny but it is true
And somewhere out there in the tundra
Is a briefcase filled with cash
That nobody can use

All this malfeasance for no reason
Has my patience at an end
A painting on a postage stamp
A loving hand across your belly
The comforts you defend

Trudging through the snow
From Brainerd up to Fargo
The sight of limbs becoming branches
Mists of blood and money loaned
A third trimester road show

Somewhere out there in the tundra is a briefcase
Filled with cash that nobody can use

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