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Kim Kelly Is My Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

This song is by Onsind and appears on the album Anaesthesiology (2013).

A leading broadsheet ran a story of corruption at the top
Politicians, press and coppers tied together in a knot
And though it was quite rare to see such claims substantiated
No one seemed at all surprised, it just left us all deflated

It merely confirmed our deeply held suspicions
Of a government that let itself go rotten to the core
Ambivalence and resignation, anesthetising mutilation
Oh, Nye Bevan's plan, ripped apart and left in tatters on the floor

A front bench of old Etonians, a gang of millionaires
Screaming, "we're all in this together" whilst they amputate welfare
A diagnosis of austerity and economic growth
A multi-faceted denial of our ability to cope
Oh look, another hospital just closed

True hope resides in that moment where a person
Holds their hand out to a stranger on the ground
I will not allow myself to be destroyed by these betrayals
I won't ever let these bastards grind me down

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