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This song is by Onsind and appears on the EP Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice (2012).

Lecter asked me round for dinner
And I nearly went, just on a whim
But I've no common ground with him
'Cause I don't eat my friends
I asked him how he got his scar
He said, "It's rarer than a window on an abattoir"
Some lab, somewhere, there is a jar
I'd love to apprehend

If I sang a song for you
Would you sit and eat with me
Suspend your disbelief
Defy your canine teeth

Chilton didn't have a lot of luck
I guess the nail that's sticking up
Gets hammered down all right
I'm losing track of all the times
I've been asked to justify
A choice I made, why I try
To live my life by standards I
Am hopeful qualify as fair and right

Screaming, the voice of a child
Petrified to see inside, Clarice and me
We took a look, now we're trying to set them free

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