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This song is by Onsind and appears on the EP Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice (2012).

I had a dream about you
We shared a house and your sweet tooth
Caught hold of me, now Misery
Won't set me free

I had a dream about you
Old Mother Nature showed up too
And in her rage, she left me
Crippled, burned and bruised

I had a dream about you
Redemption pounding down, such cold abuse
And in the text, we missed the clues
We bought the ruse

I had a dream about you
Helpless children dying on the news
Such an unnatural subversion
Of the rules

Tell me a story and make it good
An accidental author with a detrimental taste for blood
Annie's claiming violence as a feminine trait
Let's ditch compliance, we're not constrained to fate

So tonight I'll be Liberace for you
Please show me all that you can do
Let's rip the pages from this paperback
It's our story too

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