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"I Could Carve a Better Man Out of a Banana"

This song is by Onsind and appears on the album Dissatisfactions (2010).

Regaining her composure, she made a break for the door
She couldn't bare to stare into his cold dead eyes any more
With every step she took, the room turned a deper shade of gray
By the time she'd dried her tears, all the colour had faded away

The day the mine closed was the day things started to change
What little money he had left funded an alcoholic rage
To the extent that he was barely the same man anymore
Tobacco papers, broken glass and empty cans on the floor

Six months of booze and beating drove to react that way
She'd never hurt a fly before that cold wet November's day
She hid under the stairs and waited till the time she thought best
She took a knife and drove it through his back with all the strength she had left

She sat and thought about the situation she was in
She was a murderer and an orphan and her only next of kin
Was a grandfather who live so many miles away
At a loss for things to do she began to pray

"Father, help me: I couldn't stand it anymore
I am fifteen, and alone, and behind that wooden door
Lies the body of the person who has made my life a misery
I need a plan, I need a solution, set me free"

Then it came to her, she thought
"I can hide the body underneath the shed where they won't find him
So she hid his body underneath the shed, they never found him, they're not even looking
She took the next train out of town and moved in with her grandad, she never told him

(He never asked)

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