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"Either He's Dead or My Watch Has Stopped"

This song is by Onsind and appears on the album Dissatisfactions (2010).

We have nothing to lose but our chains and I feel
An endless train of cash boxes and heavy purses wrought in steel
Like Jacob Marley dragging his I'm a weary captive, bound
Mine tie me to a student loan and every rare LP I've ever found
I'm just another naive prole, with revolution of the mind
But I'd fight a line of riot police if it'd help to clear the sky

I'm not looking for an answer, to some big scary question
A missing link to clarify it all
We take each second as it comes
And every now and then some light shines down on us
Enjoy those moments in the sun

We know Marley died a rich but lonely man and yet
It's a very simple lesson we keep learning to forget
A Dickensian analogy spun out into a song
Melancholia and Marxism, this must be where I belong
I'm just another lonesome fool, with revolution on the brain
But I'd bomb the royal bank if it'd blow the clouds away

I built a shield to block the sky
Swathed in shade I shut my eyes
I wish that I had tried to take my own advice
Look up and let yourself be blinded
(I wish that I had tried to take my own advice)

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