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It’s A Boy

This song is by Only Son and appears on the album Searchlight (2011).

"Let's start with the baby's gender.
Do you know what you both want?"

"Well, we discussed it and we're pretty sure
We'd like to have a boy."

"OK, that's fine..."

"6'2" with perfect vision,
Good teeth and even skin.
Block the addiction gene
And quarantine his temper if you can..."

"OK, we'll see..."

"He needs a homing chip put deep inside his wrist
In case somebody tries to steal our little prince..."

"You're not the first in line
And I don't have a lot of time.
If you look, I'm sure you wouldn't mind
To pick one of our stock designs.
I'll leave it with you..."

"He shouldn't have to go to school
Like all those people off the grid.
He needs a good head start
Like every single other normal kid.
I'm sure we'll find a way to pay...

He needs a humor chip, put it second on the list -
For when he's old enough to realize where he is.
And if we can't afford to give him what he's worth
Just make sure that he's strong enough to work..."

"You're not the first in line
And I'm running out of time.
I can recommend a friend of mine
Who deals with our low budget line.

But if you want to make him right,
So he has a better life,
You can sign us back his human rights
And get him now for half the price.
It's a pretty good deal..."

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