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One Way Featuring Al Hudson (1980)Edit

One Way - One Way Featuring Al Hudson
One Way Featuring Al Hudson
  1. I'm In Love With Lovin' You
  2. Copy This
  3. Something In The Past
  4. Do Your Thang
  5. I Wanna Be With You
  6. Let's Go Out Tonite
  7. You're The One
  8. Pop It

Fancy Dancer (1981)Edit

One Way - Fancy Dancer
Fancy Dancer
  1. Pull Fancy Dancer/Pull
  2. Get Up
  3. Show Me
  4. Hold It
  5. He Is My Friend
  6. Come Give Me Your Love
  7. Burn It
  8. Your Love Is All I Need

Who's Foolin' Who (1982)Edit

One Way - Who's Foolin' Who
Who's Foolin' Who
  1. Cutie Pie
  2. Sweet Lady
  3. You
  4. You're So Very Special
  5. Who's Foolin' Who
  6. Age Ain't Nothing But a Number
  7. Give Me One More Chance
  8. Runnin' Away

Wild Night (1982)Edit

One Way - Wild Night
Wild Night
  1. Wild Night
  2. Back To Yesterday
  3. Making You An Offer
  4. Middle Of Our Lives
  5. Don't Fight The Feeling
  6. Toast To The Other Man
  7. Can I
  8. Put Your Trust In Me
  9. One Of Us

Lady (1984)Edit

One Way - Lady
  1. Lady You Are
  2. I'll Make It Up to You
  3. If Only You Knew
  4. Don't Stop
  5. Mr. Groove
  6. Smile
  7. Dynomite
  8. Can't Get Enough of Your Love

One Way IX (1986)Edit

One Way - One Way IX
One Way IX
  1. Don't Think About It
  2. Who Does She Think She Is
  3. You Better Quit
  4. Starry Eyes
  5. Whammy
  6. Set It Out
  7. Stole My Heart
  8. I Can't Help Myself
  9. Oh Girl

Push (1995)Edit

One Way - Push
  1. Something in the Past
  2. Lost Inside of You
  3. Don't Do Me This Way
  4. Another Love Song
  5. Guess You Didn't Know
  6. It You Play Your Cards Right
  7. Call Me
  8. Push
  9. Lady You Are
  10. Pop It

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. I Love You, Jesus

Additional information

Artist information:


Also known as:

Al Hudson & the Soul PartnersOne Way featuring Al Hudson

Years active:

1976 - 1988

Former members:
  • Al Hudson
  • Alicia Myers
  • Candyce Edwards
  • Cortez Harris
  • Dave Roberson
  • Gregory Green
  • Jeanette Mack
  • Jonathan Meadows
  • Kevin McCord
  • Lorrie Tice
  • Valdez Brantley
Record labels:

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