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This song is by One Self and appears on the album Children of Possibility (2005).

You wanna make your fantasy, reality.
And that's a valid wish, I can help.
If its to hear something like this, I felt you coming.
And catered to your ques, led you through that trap door you just fell through, ow!
How's the hole? Heard it was the pits.
Actually I know it is, like cherry piddles and condemned souls,
See I dug that, making it by design.
The surprise is in the fall, they say.
Initiate your curiosity, hypothesize you must be feline.
But remember what being that does,
What's enticed compels us to change our normal behavior.
From the former, your getting warmer if your on a quest
To conclude I've warmed through the psychic karma you've adorned,
To hopefully use as a shield against what we wield
And in attempt to prevent you succumbing to the TEMPTATION
(How you wanna, how you wanna ward off and and a how you wanna fend off how you wanna ward off and how you wanna ward of the inevitable. how you gonna fend off and how you wanna start wanna ward off the ineveteible. and how you wanna


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