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This song is by One Man Army and the Undead Quartet and appears on the album The Dark Epic... (2011).

Brain drained - So fucked up to the core
Nothing but black holes and scars
Come and you will see me pay tribute to bullets
With lucid stars I decorate my friend
As death comes ripping there's no more pain

I am pushing my lungs for my love
I feel the panic of deadly purpose
Now my naked soul looks indeed rather cold
It's full fucking throttle, a savage gauntlet
Can you see the light at the horizon?

Wounds tear up my temple of doom
It's my own bedroom funeral
Chaos driven by orders and insanity
I sleep alone where nothing is everything
As I count those lambs on their way to slaughter

In the ditch I crawl upon dismemberment
And I feel the stench of this sickened paradise
Stitch! Stitch! - Mental world of slavery
Stitch! Stitch! - Kill, kill, kill or be killed!

Time to regroup - Push through the dragons teeth
Come, beast within - Though hungry wolf come forth
Suicide machine - Antisurvival tactics
Yeah, the bloodtrail to freedom I follow
Stitch me the fuck together

In the ditch I proceed to hold the line
Yeah, as I watch myself from distant worlds
Stitch! Stitch! - Clock is ticking slower and slower
Stitch! Stitch! - Ghost song explosion
Infected melody of tortured souls
Stitch! Stitch! Stitch! Stitch! Stitch me the fuck together

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