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This song is by Omega and appears on the album Skyrover (1978).

Our cradles stood on the rubbles
Our relatives all surrounded us
With teeth disguising false smirk
We looked when they smiled upon us

We enjoyed the brawl
Peeked in the movie theaters how it was done
We were daydreaming among store windows
And prosperity watched us from above

Later the circles of smoke
We puffed them round nicely together
Someone started and we jumped over
In a line, being light-headed

The motherly hands are frail
From the storm no one can shelter
Scattered around from motherly hands
Our claws rip into life's flesh

You can cry when we embrace you
You shall not even feel the taste of our words
We were your sons at departure
Different ones who shall return

From the wine we can not drink
With our mouth we would shatter your glass
You who gave birth with suffering
You shall no longer recognize us

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