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Mute & Loud

This song is by Omar Naber and appears on the album No Helmet (2014).

Round and round in circles, round and round
I am lost when found
Up and down I bow to sound the vibe
Of a shaking ground

Walking, talking, while trying to forget
Having nothing, wanting all
But now there is nothing more to get
Messy, glossy, wet of sweat

Mute & Loud, screaming, shouting inside out
Mute & Loud, secret of a sacred cow
I am loud, all I wanna do
All I want is to shout
Mute & Loud, screaming, shouting inside out

Picture perfect is reflection, but
Still looks madly sad
Good as gold and sweet as sweetest dreams
Semi super old

Warnings never reach my gentle ear
Eyes disguise my fearless fear
Shiny spotlight, loving spotless skin
Messy, glossy, next of kin

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