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This song is by Oliver Oat.

I am the guardian
The tales are true
But you
You are much luckier than me
I put your wounded eye on a triangle, softly

Would you like to trade
I have kaleidoscopes she gave me
Kaleidoscopes she made for me

She spoke to me in many ways
But all the things she said were like a thunderstorm
And then our child was born
And I sailed away

I'd tell you all I could
I'd tell you of the good (all the good about her)
I'd tell you all, I would
I should, but then I'd get emotional

You know that I can't cry
I could try
But the flood might sink the island
And your father would be glad and mad at once

I'd give you one of mine
I'd take some wine
And with a spoon you'd pop them out with ease
But please, they'd only burst
Because they're cursed
Because they're mine

Just let me listen to this song and doze away

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