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Further - Deeper

This song is by Oi Va Voi.

I feel deflated, let down by heroes
Walls of silence soak up the echoes
Of my ideals, sold down the river
I blame my own, naive behavior
Time again, I'm a complete beginner

I have a theory too complicated to explain
Now don't make me waste it
But you should realize that for your freedom
I might just hurt you but I didn't mean to

Our flesh and blood in mute agreement
We stand like idols, we should be kneeling
A single signal, I'll flick the lever
And we'll all go falling further deeper

When the day comes calling
That's when we'll go falling down
Won't we all go falling down?

Written by:

Nik Ammar; Lenny Breslaw; Leo Bryant; Stephen Jonathan Levi; Alice Mc Laughlin

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