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Shine Through

This song is by Ohio Avenue.

I feel it coming, can't escape it
Somehow I think it's a matter of time
The sky is cloudy, the water's rising
But I know we'll be safe tonight

When the sunlight's fading
And we're broken and abused
You will shine through
We will see you

'Cause when the night is darkest
And the lies feel like the truth
You will shine through
We will see you

We're feeling tired of all this fighting
We take a breath just to do it again
When hope is shattered and dreams are stolen
You can show us where to begin

You are never far away
Far away

The sky is cloudy, the waters are rising
But I know I'm safe, shine through
The road is winding, oh God, we need You
To lead the way, shine through


Written by:

Adam Bradley Smith; Derek Williams

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