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Should Not Have Come To This

This song is by Oh No! Oh My! and appears on the album People Problems (2011).

Congratulations are in store
And I'd like to tell you more
But our life is not like this
Nor is it a waste of time
Pictures are the worst
Adulation's coming next
Only physical pain beats that
How do I put up with it
Serve me if you must
Just don't draw a scene to us
I used to never care this much
Oh a drag it is to grow
Oh I'd carry that weight
And I'd wait to be late
Being first is the worst
If you don't know your host
Drink a drink
Should have called before
I even opened my front door
Now all my fears have come true
I don't even recognize a face
Pour another drink
Check my phone before I think
Just pretend have another sip
I should not have come to this
Preparations to sneak out
Before anyone seeks out
If I'm invited at all
Oh I know I can not wait
Oh I'd carry that weight
And I'd wait to be late
Being first is the worst
And I don't know your name
Drink a drink
In my mind you were perverse
Running wildly to your purse
Shiny was a good contrast
To the features of your clothes
Resting on your hips
Like my very first solar eclipse
It hurt my eyes but I could not resist
Oh the vision of your face
Stood out like a glitch
But I could not conceal my mirth
And those green eyes rest on me
Ahahaha just pretend
Oh I walked straight into this
And no one even cares
Except now I have your gaze
And it erases my face
C'est la vie
C'est la vie

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